iTaste VV4 Platinum Kit
iTaste VV4 Battery Colour Options

Innokin iTaste VV4 Platinum Kit - Variable Voltage, 15W, 1,000mAh

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2 Pro-Performance Sleek & Light Batteries with Exquisite Stylish Design

Variable Power to 15W and 6V for 12-24x More Vapour

Advanced LCD Screen & Vape While Charging

Fully Customisable Kit inc. E-Liquid - 2.8Trillion combinations!

Platinum Kit has everything for the true connoisseur or the perfect present!

1,000mAh Battery Capacity

Great Amount of Power for our Premium Clearomizers (but not sub-ohm)

Vary the Power to Increase or Decrease Vapour Levels & Intensity

Choose from 4 beautiful battery colours

Advanced LCD Screen

Choose from our wide range of premium clearomizers

Choose an Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer (Gladius, iSub, Atlantis) For Totally Customisable Vapour

Customise Your Vapour Further With Different Resistance Options

iTaste VV4 Battery Colour Options
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