Save with a discounted bundle of 3 Element Dripper E-Liquids

Any 3 Element 8020 Dripper Range 20ml Bottles

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Choose any 3 of 9 flavours

Incredibly realistic & enjoyable flavours

Much more satisfying & enjoyable than standard liquids

Enjoy any 3 Element Dripper 20ml flavours! We've tried 100s of E-Liquids searching for the very best premium range. Most are 3-6x the price of standard E-Liquids while offering nowhere near the same increase in quality. But with Element you get it all - the most realistic & enjoyable flavours we've ever found, beating hands-down all the world's major E-Liquid brands and many smaller UK brands, at only slightly higher prices than our standard liquids!

Element E-Liquids offer the most realistic and enjoyable flavours compared to any other E-Liquid brand in the world! We've tried 100s and are sure. Best of all, this premium E-Liquid is half the price of many others!

Our Element 80VG:20PG Dripper E-Liquid is specially formulated for sub-ohm tanks like the Atlantis and MODs/RDAs - check out our premium kits if you're looking for one! For other tanks and cartridges we recommend you check out our Element 50VG:50PG range which is designed for these devices.

These premium 20ml Glass bottles include a J-shaped glass dripper (pipette) for easy dispensing.

Our Element Dripper E-Liquid is available in 3mg nicotine strength. You can also mix this with Element's 50VG:50PG range available in 6mg, 12mg & 18mg strengths to increase the nicotine level.